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    The programs we have put together for 2014 include sending musicians and energy workers on site to your location to perform and transform.  
Our programs provide healing for individuals and communities through the combined use of intention, energy, music, sound and vibration. 






"In addition to improved productivity, wellness programs have proved to be an effective tool in slowing the growth of health care costs. Choosing healthier alternatives may reduce an employee’s chances of suffering from disease.

Less disease means employers can lower health plan use, thereby lowering health benefit costs, and in turn increasing the bottom line. While medical cost savings from health promotion programs may be less evident than productivity gains, studies show that medically high-risk employees are medically high-cost employees as they use more health care and generate higher claim costs." ~ Filice Insurance



For the corporate setting, we offer unique healing programs that help to reduce stress, tension, and anxiety in the workplace, resulting in healthier employees. See our FAQ's for amazing findings that scientific research has validated.

Your organization may be eliible for a corporate scholarship from our sponsor Filice Insurance to help cover the costs of workplace wellness programs for you!

What can be better than that?  Call us at 415-723-9659 for more details and to find out how your company may qualify.

 Workplace Wellness

In the world of diplomatic relations, our programs are designed to help clear and set the energy in a room before a meeting, to ensure optimal results from negotiations and other tough situations. 


Healthcare programs like our healing clinics treat cancer patients and loved ones of cancer patients helping them to better cope with the situation.

PBI Wellness Division offers healing programs at hospices, hospitals, and health care centers, assisting patients and staff through times of pain and transition.  

Our educational division provides master class workshops, live music performances, bands for parties, facilitation of healing events and discussions onsite.

Of course we also provide plain old, good live music and fun for parties, clubs, festivals and celebratory events!

Don't just take the word on this, we invite you to try out these experiments with music and muscle testing, put together by our affiliate and musician partner, Mark Romero. You can go here to join Mark's VIP Membership program and test out how music really does make you stronger and more focused. As always, we only refer and recommend music healing products that we use ourselves.  Mark Romero is a trusted friend and affiliate you are sure to enjoy his music programs. Go here for your
VIP MP3 download page